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Glow Bowls!

New Bowling Sensation

Capel Bowls Club has introduced a Western Australian first with an exciting new game of lawn bowls played during hot summer nights.

Glow Bowls is a fun way for family, friends, work or private parties and social groups to spend time together. Special nights can be arranged for groups and a pre-game meal can be part of the entertainment package and there is a bar at the facility.

Glow Bowls creates a kaleidoscope of colour. When most of conventional lighting is turned off and special UV lighting or black light is turned on the lawn bowls all painted in a variety of colours, light up when rolled down the bowling rink.

This fun game is played to popular music so you can bop along to create that party atmosphere.

Glow Bowls is played every Thursday nights from mid- January to the end of March. Playing time is from 7.45pm to 9pm. Other nights can be booked for party groups.

Glow Bowls is low cost entertainment and a great social outing for a variety of ages.

Glow Bowls will cater for teams of 4-6 people playing against teams of similar size. In all up to 48 players can play when the four bowling rinks are used.

Some of the cost of the infrastructure was met by Minor Grants from the Shire of Capel, Federal Governments Stronger Community Programme, the State Government and Bendigo Bank.

Sponsors dedicated to Glow Bowls include SEN Radio, Shelter Brewery-Busselton and Bunnings.

Glow Bowls embraces the Health Campaign- Act Belong Commit.

Enquiries and bookings for Glow Bowls can be made to Steve O’Brien, Capel Bowls Club on 0412 439 436.

New to town!

When you first move into a new town you can be a little apprehensive about joining any social or sporting club.

Let’s face it you just don’t know anybody. Well you need not feel this way as Capel has a beaut Bowls Club that will make you feel welcome.

Not all are old fogies and the ones that are, well they are a delight.

If you have some sporting ability but haven’t a clue about how to play bowls then you needn’t worry. The Capel Bowls Club will get you started.

It’s a game you can both play. Not only that, you get to meet the locals. Some who can tell you more about the locality of Capel than anyone!

Get Started!

Friday night the fun night!

Come and meet Jack!

and enjoy a fun game of bowls on Friday night starting at 5pm from Friday 30th September 2022 at the Capel Bowls Club, Goodwood Road Capel.
(If you get there a tad later it won’t matter).

Who is Jack?

Jack is the sometimes elusive yellow ball that we all try and get close to. Jack is the essence of the game of bowls. When you roll your bowl from about 40 metres away Jack is the object you are aiming at. The closer you bowl to Jack the more likely you are to win the game.

All ages welcome.

No need to worry about bowls we can provide them. You can play barefoot or with flat sole shoes. Just come as you are. If you have children of the age of 10-12 and older then get them involved too. It's a great game for families, mums and dads, grandparents, in fact all ages. If you haven’t played before then don’t worry we can get you started.

It’s fun when you get the hang of it.

It’s fun when you get the hang of it. And if you got a set of bowls that have been sitting gathering dust or you are an experienced bowler passing through then come and join us. And after an enjoyable time on the greens you can relax with the rest of us and have a drink or just kick back and watch the footy. There’s even prizes you can win.
Ring Ron Bickers on 0436 019 366.

Come join the fun

Bowls is a great game

It gets you out in the open air and it limbers you up. You be surprised at the aerobic subtlety that you get from playing bowls. And it requires a degree of concentration too. So it stimulates the mind as well.

Relax after the game

After the game you can relax with neighbourhood bowlers and enjoy the social aspects that comes with an afternoon on the green and then there’s the teas on 1st Friday night of every month that offers good old country cooking at its best. You’ll love it.

Beautiful Greens

The bowling greens at Capel are amongst the best in the South West. Many from elsewhere come to play bowls on our greens. That gives you the opportunity to meet new people from other country towns and centres. If you like the game of bowls you will like them too.

Great Hospitality

So when you settled into your own home and you want to get a little social the Capel Bowls Club will introduce you to our hospitality and the game of bowls. You’re most welcome! So call one of the numbers listed when you’re ready.

How do I get in Touch!

Interested in becoming a member or a sponsor of Capel Bowls Club?

0455 226 582

0419 947 286

Ladies Captain Bev Mckenna

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Bev Mckenna | 0459 592 649

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Stan Wood | 0455 226 582

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Glow Bowls
Steve O'Brien | 0412 439 436

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